New ‘Joker’ Malware Strikes

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Smartphone owners everywhere, be careful!! The Joker malware has attacked many popular apps on the Google Play Store.

No, this isn’t the kind of problem Batman can help you with, but the kind your friendly neighbourhood ID fraud protection services can, and these tips, of course!

The malware code integrates with these android apps, that can automatically sign user up for some subscription based services, without them knowing about it. Then, when the app is in use, the malware automatically clicks on the ads and then begins signing you up for those services.

And in this way, can access SMSs that can be used to copy an OTP that authenticates payments deducting cash from an account.    

This can be hard to spot and is bad news for those who don’t check their debit or credit statements often. So far, the apps mentioned below have been identified on the Google Play Store and have been removed by Google.

Check your phone for these apps now

Advocate Wallpaper Age Face Alter Message
Antivirus security- security scan Beach Camera Board Picture Editing
Climate SMS Collate Face Scanner Cute Camera
Dazzle Wallpaper Great VPN Humour Camera
Ignite Clean Leaf Face Scanner Print Plant Scan
Reward Clean Rapid Face Scanner Reward Clean
Soby Camera Spark Wallpaper Ruddy SMS

These are some of the apps that aren’t stable due to this malware and have infected devices in over 37 countries across Europe, US, India and the UK. In case you’re using any of them, you are advised to delete immediately and do a factory reset of your phone. While Joker Malware gains access to your personal device through certain apps, your financial, personal and social media information may also be at risk online. Its why we built ID Fence, a solution protects you’re your identity in the digital space, so you can continue to do all that you love online. Click the link to know more

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