The best Diwali gift

Diwali-2019Diwali is the festival of lights, most often brought on by vibrant smiles of the people we love. Nothing matters more than seeing the people we care for, glow during this festival of happiness. So our efforts involve putting up as many lights as possible, but also to find the best gifts to celebrate our people and relationships, or getting home to the festivities in time.

Consider your gift options:

Exchanging gifts is an integral part of this festival, gifting is a way of spreading the spirit of happiness. But finding the right gifts is something that everyone gets involved in, even competing with each other for the best one!! Will it be a brand new device, gift wrapped? Or will it be a protection plan for the devices family member own?

Coming home to the festivities:

The best thing about Diwali is coming to a home filled with the festive mood. So, if your office is in another state or further away in the same city. You’ll be glad that you have your phone with you, it’s easier to book an app cab or a flight with the help of your m-wallets. In just a matter of minutes, you’re ready to go home.

Making the best of Diwali:

Sometimes it’s all the things you do with family that makes a difference. The house is filled with people – kids are running around, or watching TV, food and beverages are being prepared in the kitchen or being taken out from the refrigerator. It’s amazing how this device now captures every moment of happiness, be it bursting crackers or eating homemade sweets with the family.

The best Diwali gift:

This Diwali, secure your gadgets, wallets and appliances with OneAssist Protection Plans, so it can help you capture that festive spirit.

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