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You use the internet for everything, but with great power comes great precaution. Online privacy is essential as it’s the only way to make your valued data safe.

Most trusted industries

60% Banks and insurance companies 57% Government agencies 56% Payment service providers

Why is it needed?

When browsing, data is being collected because it’s convenient for you. You can agree that not having to type in passwords, usernames every time is easy, right? Saved data is good because the browser shows you ads based on the things you like – and that’s good if you’re looking for nice bargains, but there are people who will access it for their own gain. Stolen email IDs, credit card numbers, identity theft, you name it!

How can you protect yourself?

We do have to communicate with emails, use point of sales terminals when buying something. Believe it or not, but ID thieves target the things we use the most. So how do you protect yourself without leaving these conveniences? One thing to have is our ID Fence protection plan that has 24×7 alerts if your personal data is at threat of being misused online. We also have some tips that you could use.

When you bank online

Your bank does have security measures to keep you safe, even reimbursing you for fraudulent charges.

You can do your part in keeping you safe by updating your software, create and update passwords and never open spam emails.

Obsessed with social media

You spend a lot of time on every channel, but ID thieves can use data that are not hidden.

Maintain privacy on social media by sharing posts, images, numbers, and addresses with contacts only. There are settings and tools that can be adjusted to help you hide personal info.

Always shopping online

Most of the time online might be spent shopping or browsing for good deals.

Whether you’re on a shopping site or on pages that have discount coupons or codes, make sure they’re real pages. Frauds can easily duplicate pages and then steal your data when it’s entered in. Check that addresses begin with “https” so that it’s secure and data transferred is encrypted.

It’s always great to have a helping hand to secure you, like ID Fence from OneAssist. Start your ID Protection Plans for free, No Credit Card required.

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