The real cost of flagship phones

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The Festival Season is over and you’ve upgraded to a new device. Lots of exciting devices like the iPhone and One Plus with triple camera feature were launched. You now own a fantastic flagship, but it could really use something else to keep it going till next year and help you save on repairs, if any. Might we suggest a mobile protection plan?

Why? Well, we buy costly phones for the long term and these protection plans are a must-have, once you have such expensive smartphones. It could even be used for your current phone that’s pretty old and where you keep struggling with the OS. Old or new, here’s why protection plans are worth it.

  • Liquid damages can void the warranty
  • Replacing genuine parts with local parts don’t prolong the life of the device

Flagships get costlier every year

They are better and radically redesigned, but definitely costlier than the model from last year. But if you want the best smartphone experience, you do have to pay over Rs. 35000 for it, even if it means a downgrade in screen quality.

Phone Problem Company Rates Local Rates
Touch/Display Rs. 5000-6000 approx Rs. 1200
Phone Model
Mid-range devices Rs. 4000 with original parts Rs. 1000. Parts sold separately
Flagship Devices Rs. 20,000 highest with original parts Rs. 5000. Parts sold separately

The more you break, the more you pay

Original manufacturers offer free servicing when the device is in warranty. But repairs cost a lot and you don’t get an emergency handset to use, even if they do provide original parts.

Local service agents offer paid, faster servicing with or without warranty. But even with lowered costs, original parts do get swapped out for local ones, and there is no guarantee it will work.

Skip out on huge price tags by using your old phone

One plus point is that costly phones are good, powerful and last you a while. So even if you feel it isn’t time for a new flagship, then keep your current phone in top condition –a protection plan can do that.

The newest phones have good designs, but then your old handset is just a few months old. Whatever you decide, get a mobile protection plan – it’s one feature most flagships don’t have!

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