How safe are Digital Millenials?

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After so many data breaches, people are finally looking for ways to improve their online security. It’s no longer just about using an antivirus, but investing in protection plans for all the data they use on the internet. What do Digital Millenials think about security during an era when unlimited internet leaves their devices and data vulnerable?

They’re more comfortable than you might think and are smart about things. Born between 1980 to early 2000s, they grew up in an era of devices, they believe in these simple things.

They already know that they can trust institutions, like banks to protect personal information when compared with previous generations – the same goes for credit card companies, health insurance companies, mobile service providers, email providers and retailers too.

But they aren’t trusting blindly and are more aware of security issues, data theft etc. In fact, they know that online privacy will be compromised, even more, in the future. They also know about the risk in saving data online, that it’s vulnerable – but they take certain vulnerabilities seriously.

Finally, Millennials focus on the individual effort when it comes to security while previous generations may hold security problems, corporate or otherwise, for data breaches. This individual effort is comprehensive protection plans, covering all devices that they use. It’s a smart one too and gives them instant alerts when their data is at risk.

Anything that’s saved is monitored, passwords can be changed, and questionable outside sources aren’t given access to personal data.

So, it’s the thought that counts, before storing personal information online. Since they love their devices, they think about things like ID Fence and you should too!

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