A Matter of Cases

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You’re getting a brand new device, and have been wondering about a case as well. Call it preference, because you do use the device with or without one. Some of your friends use cases and others don’t. So here’s an outside opinion.

Why you could use cases.

Gravity isn’t your friend and you’re going to drop your phone at some point. Some android devices are tougher and might survive, while others have awesome looks but break easily.

Even if you don’t care about scratches, shattered glass backs. Cases protect the cameras, buttons as well, which if damaged could make your device more of a hassle to use.

With cosmetic damages, the device resale value reduces. So, while you aren’t worried about tiny dents, scratches, the next user will. And you can get a decent discount when upgrading handsets.

Why you can skip out on cases.

Plenty of people are anti-case, as they feel that it makes the device look or feel bulky and clumsy. Others think that cases hide the phone’s design and that it isn’t easy to slip the phone into your pocket.

Cases don’t guarantee immunity from damages. Soft cases protect the device better than hard cases, while both are better than no case at all!! We guess it’s how your phone hits the ground.

Cases do get dirty, and while you can clean it off, who has the time for that really? And they are costly, as the more you spend the better protection you’re going to get. But that’s about ¼ the cost of your device.

At OneAssist, we can’t agree on the last point, because we know that you can get comprehensive device protection at any budget, whether you’re for or against the case.

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