The Best Christmas Gift: Ever Present

Christmas is about traditions – whether you’re following old ones or starting your own. Your home is where the magic happens, from cooking, tree decorating, gift-giving, and party-throwing to memory-making – but your phone plays an integral part in the ambiance.


It starts with the planning, getting everything ready for the big Christmas bash… and the season in general. Next, outcomes your mobile for finding budget-decorating tips, advice on good gifts and good places where you can eat. And what about gifts? You need something good, something with the ‘Wow’ factor… but you might have to think about it.

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Everything should be picture-perfect so that the memories created last forever. We always talk about the perfect gift that will make a big difference for that person. You could buy a fancy bag – but the really awesome gifts are the ones that can’t be wrapped, are there when you need them.

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And that’s it you’re done. The right gift is a Mobile Protection Plan so that they can protect a device that’s vital to them. Use it throughout the year and they’ll have you to thank when they require these things.

  • Quick servicing for Accidental Damages.
  • Instant SIM block in case of smartphone theft.
  • Device pick-up and Drop Service for broken handsets.

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That’s what you do at home! Traveling this Christmas? Check out our tips on safe traveling and protection plans – the gift that keeps ongoing.


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