Smart TV Connection Tips

We love how smart TVs access streaming services. In addition, it has apps that let us connect to online shopping, social media, browsers, media playback. But, what happens when we can’t? It means the TV has connection issues. Simple issues that can be fixed this way.

Check the connectivity on your other devices.

Sometimes it’s an internet problem, or that you forget to recharge your subscription! If none of the other devices can connect to the WiFi, chances are that you have to check or reset your router. Call your service provider and tell them about these connection errors to get them fixed.

The TV can’t connect to WiFi.

If other devices connect up perfectly and not your TV, first see if the network password you entered in is correct. Devices usually store passwords automatically and your TV might have saved the wrong one. It can also happen if you’ve recently changed your internet connection or network password. Check this in the network settings by turning off the privacy filter that hides passwords as you enter them in.

Wifi signal strength.

If the passwords are correct and other devices can be connected, your router and Wifi signal might be too weak. This happens when the TV is too far away from the router. You can sort this one out by moving the router closer or allow your TV to connect to a mobile hot-spot instead.

Quick software upgrades.

Certain security updates might need to be installed on the TV or router. These updates resolve bugs and this might just be what’s missing. You can find the updates settings in the respective Settings menu on either device.

When all else fails.

Call your friendly OneAssist for help. Chances are that the TV can’t connect because it requires servicing. You can do this only if you have the HomeAssist Protection Plan.

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