How your data can end up in the Dark Web

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Some top reasons for stealing data are financial fraud, ID theft, cash theft. It can be unnerving considering how many online accounts we have. We’ll show you how that happens.

In ID theft

Verified credentials you use online like name, phone number, address, Aadhar, PAN, DOB are valuable. They can be accessed in these ways.

  • By literally stealing your wallets or passports.
  • Hacking a credit account, online accounts like email.

In Card skimming

Here sophisticated devices called ATM scanners are used to get card data. It can record PINs, card numbers, cash transferred. Cancel your transaction you see these things.

  • Duplicate keypads covers, loose keys, funny new sensors.
  • Loose card reading equipment; obvious signs of tampering or “repairs”.
  • Odd scratches, tape, glue that shows it’s been altered somehow.

In Hacking and Phishing

Hackers call you pretending to be your bank, mobile service provider. What they do next is trick you into sharing passwords, PINs, OTPs. Identify a fraud call in these ways.

  • You receive a call even if you haven’t requested for any assistance, help or callback regarding any service.
  • Before sharing, cut the call and dial the concerned company i.e the actual provider, agent, bank the person claims they’re from.

There’s lots you can do, both human-centered & technological to prevent this. Outsmart the bad guys, protect yourself with ID Fence.

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