The multi-tasking Microwave!

The microwave is extremely useful in winter – warming food, saving time when busy cooking quick meals. It works just as hard as you do, and we use it for practically everything. So, what doesn’t belong inside your microwave?

Thick, gooey liquids like sauces, heavy curries for one. You can heat them up but using the lower settings. In case, you need higher heat make sure the dish is covered, otherwise, it can overheat and splatter everywhere.

Spicy vegetables like jalapenos, chillies and capsicum that are raw and uncut. These veggies contain capsaicin that releases fumes when heated whole. It safer to chop, prepared them before heating.

There’s lots of debate over this one – uncooked, unshelled eggs. Absolutely no hard boiling of unshelled eggs as they’ll explode, same goes with frying eggs. You can, however, reheat scrambled eggs!

Choose plastic microwave heating options over Styrofoam or paper bags. Styrofoam is full plastic, isn’t microwave-friendly and melts when exposed to heat. Paper bags can catch fire. Although popcorn bags are made out of paper, they contain special heatproof fibers.

The last thing is heating absolutely nothing!! Running the microwave while it’s empty leads to the heat being absorbed into the appliance.

Play it safe during winters and get the OneAssist HomeAssist Advantage.

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