Making sure your Mobile Data is secure

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Smartphones are on 24×7, being accessed by WiFi, accounts, us…and hackers! How do you protect the data you have on your mobile? In no particular order, there are 3 ways of looking at it.

It’s an external thing.

Threats to your mobile data will come the outside. This could be a call, emails, SMS, Whatsapp, even snoopers. So, a good phone data security practice is to lock it up. Apply a password, PIN – current trend is to use biometrics as this type of lock responds only to you.

App-solutely secure!

All apps you have on your phone must come from the AppStore or Google’s PlayStore. Each app has a permission setting, that’s used for things like logging in, enabling calls, SMS etc. –so its user- friendly. Some apps might access more than what’s required. You can control this, by authorizing each permission like camera, storage, contacts.

Device audits.

We’re always using our devices non-stop. So, think of all the browser history, unsent emails, Whatsapp images piling up on your phone. Take some time to sort through everything and remove the data you don’t need. If possible, back up your data during this time.

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