Common AC Issues & their Solutions

The Air Conditioner is the only way we live comfortably in the summers. It is an electrical appliance, and it can run into electrical and mechanical issues. Most of these tend to be small but can spiral into a large expensive issue if they aren’t handled in time. Here are some issues that are best handled by experts.

Improper Operation

This is when the AC is on but doesn’t cool. A long winter hibernation leaves dust on the filter, blocking all the cool air. The other reason is that the compressor might be defective. If the compressor is damaged, the cooling won’t work.

Deficient Maintenance

Each part of the AC including the coils, filters, fans and everything else inside, has to be cleaned well to remove dust, fiber, etc. Sometimes this happens over time, other times it’s because of poor installation. Both of these issues must be checked by service agents.

Electric Control Faulty 

Switching your AC on or off frequently can lead to faulty internals. Moisture may build up in the compressor and fan controls wear out faster. This causes corrosion in wiring –a job best suited for your technician.

Drainage Issues

The drain pipe is a big problem; it gets clogged easily either by excess humidity outside or caused by the Air Conditioner. ACs not mounted at a wall may also have this problem. This water has to be cleaned out to prevent it from filling up inside or being sprayed out through the vents

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