Data Privacy vs Data Protection

Protection and privacy concerning data are interconnected, related to the collecting, storing and usage of data.

There are a few differences – Data Privacy has to do with authorized access, who defines or accesses it. Data protection concerns securing it against unauthorized access. Protection is a technical issue, while privacy is a legal one.

When words matter.

There are laws that protect data privacy. You might have seen this online on your favourite shopping sites as “protection policy” or “privacy policy”. It ensures that the site has some form of data protection for cookies and data you store on it. This covers your name, address, phone and images.

Technology to trust.

Technology plays a part in data privacy. That is, security specialists install ways to ensure appropriate confidentiality of all sensitive data. Servers contain IP addresses, your data. The same goes for files and data transfers. Everything moves through the open web, with not much security. Trust plays a central role in data privacy.

  • Data privacy can’t be ensured unless personal data is protected by technology.
  • Personal data can be stolen, meaning its privacy isn’t guaranteed.
  • Personal data can be protected even if it isn’t reliably private.

Privacy and security.

Technology alone can’t ensure data privacy. After all, people handling privacy security protocols can see your info. Trust can’t ensure data protection – How? – entrusting merchants with your card number, for instance, when you swipe to buy something. You trust that other parties can’t access your card info, and that they won’t share that info either.

Encryption is an ideal way to secure data in transit. That’s as far as technology goes, the rest is up to you. Where trust is concerned, you can rely on OneAssist ID Fence.

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