5 security vulnerabilities to protect yourself against during the pandemic

5 security vulnerabilities to your new “workplace” amid the pandemic

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For most of us, our homes have turned into our offices. This has meant, we don’t have to get up early to or travel to work, saving us a lot of time.

Being able to do all this may seem like a blessing, but comes with its fair share of potential online security problems.

  1. The worldwide lockdown has resulted in a sharp rise in phishing email and SMSs. What’s more, these have gotten more advanced and refined. This means there is a higher possibility of falling for a phishing or spam scam.
  2. Employees are now using their personal computers or mobiles for work. This puts both our work and personal data at risk. Since our personal devices might not be configured for the security levels that our work devices generally are.
  3. Keyloggers – a method where someone records what you type on your computer can leave your personal data, including your username and passwords as well as data to your bank accounts vulnerable in the absence of security patches to deal with this.
  4. So many of us are looking for news, safety guidelines and ways to treat COVID-19 and hoping for any positive news. Hackers have started to exploit this behaviour by sending spam with attachments that can hack your computer. Sending fake information about how to treat COVID-19 or fake safety measures. They impersonate themselves as WHO or local health experts to trap people into clicking action buttons.

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  1. ”Fear is still the strongest weapon for hackers.” Attackers send fear-mongering messages like the following to attract the attention of people. Such messages are usually infected with malicious attachments through which they gain access to your personal information such as credit/debit cards and email credentials.
    Source: https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-51838468

There is however a solution that helps you stay safe against these attacks. ID Fence helps your protect your personal information online. From your Debit/ Credit card information and your personal identity information (such as your PAN card and Aadhaar card) to your email ID and social media accounts. You get 24X7 alerts in case someone tries to misuse this and recommended actions so that you can stop any fraud from happening before it takes place.

And most importantly, STAY HOME, STAY SAFE.

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