Social Media compromises : Keeping your online social identity safe!

Social Media Nightmares

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If you are reading this blog, then there is a 99.99% chance that you have at least one social media account be it on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or anything else. In this digitized world, our online identity has become as important as our real-life identity and hence we need to take our online privacy very seriously. What if your social media account gets compromised and a crooked person tries to misuse it? Let us look at some cases in which it can prove harmful to you.

  1. Facebook: If this happens, the person behind this can defame you by posting fake and embarrassing content from your account or can send inappropriate messages to any of your friends. Apart from this, your facebook account contains sensitive personal data about you which would make your digital identity at risk if compromised
  2. Instagram: If you are active on instagram then there is a big chance that you care about how many followers you have. A malicious intent compromise of your instagram account can make you lose your hard earned followers and respect.
  3. LinkedIn: This can be very fatal in terms of your professional career. You make serious connections with professionals on LinkedIn and any inappropriate informal message or malicious post from your account can cost you a lot of business or career opportunities.

Data breaches resulting in the leak of millions of social media accounts have become quite common in India lately. 

To avoid such scenarios where your social identity might be at risk IDFence can come in handy. It monitors your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn 24/7 and sends you an instant notification whenever it detects any of the aforementioned incidents with your account.

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