Facial Recognition: The next big thing in Identity Theft

facial recognition the next big thing in identity theft

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We use Google for everything today, to search for our from our news to our reviews on our favourite restaurants, information and research we do for work/ study to searching for the latest gadgets and finding the best price for it. Now lets image a search engine like Google but for photos. You upload an image of something and you get a whole collection of photographs related to it.Sounds great right? While this would be incredibly helpful, it is important for us to understand how this can be misused as well.

A lot of our personal information is stored in images of our online – across our email, social media sites, web forums. Etc. Search engines scan through millions of pictures and after searching over thousands of websites are now capable of piecing an individuals life together – all through the images you have across the internet – these may even be images that you aren’t tagged in anymore. Once this, done everything from your family members to your history, what you do and where you go on a daily basis. This information is all that a hacker or thief online needs to create a fake profile online, get your personl information and in some cases even commit financial fraud.

So, the question then is, how do you protect your personal and financial information online from being misused?

Here’s is where the ID Fence comes in. ID Fence monitors all your data 24X7, from your credit, debit, and identity cards to your bank and social media accounts and even your mobile number and email ID to ensure that you get alerts in real-time whenever someone may be trying to misuse your information online. It even helps you with the actions you can take to ensure that your information remains safe.

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