Top 5 Youtube videos on Identity Theft

Top 5 youtube videos on identity theft

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Digital Identity theft has become one of the most rising threats all around the globe. There are several aspects of it like digital identity, identity theft, the dark web, etc. Here we have a few simple yet effective Youtube videos which will help you gain a deeper insight to the importance of your digital identity and its protection.

Source: IDEMIA (Youtube Channel)

Source: TheACFE (Youtube Channel

Source: The Infographic Show (Youtube Channel

Source: EPCORPymnts (Youtube Channel

Source: NBC10 Boston (Youtube Channel

The problem of identity theft in India has now become as serious as it is in any western nation due to massive digitization. This means we need to be more vigilant than ever before.

But what can you do to protect yourself against identity theft?

Well, that’s where IDFence can come handy. It monitors your Debit Card, Credit Card numbers, Bank Accounts, PAN Card information, mobile number and Email IDs online across the Dark Web, illegal theft forums, etc 24/7 and sends you a real time notifications in case someone tries to misuse any of this information. Each notification comes with actions that you can take to protect your information online from any misuse or fraud.

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