Not so obvious sources of personal data theft

not so obvious sources of data theft

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Where do you store your personal data? Most of us will answer this question with the most obvious answers such as on their mobile phones, on cloud storage such as Google Drive, on their laptop/desktop computer, and in their homes. Well, this is not the complete picture. Almost all of us use social media and put up daily life updates in the form of status, articles as well as images of the things we do on a daily basis. This data can be accessed by several people other than you. 

But what do all these pieces of information have to do with your online identity? Well a lot actually, Identity thieves look around for any financial and personal information about their next victim and arrange these bits and pieces together to come up with a stolen (forged) identity of the victim. They can then misuse this information and commit financial fraud.

Here we’re going to have a look at a few “Not So Obvious” places from where your personal data can be stolen.

  • While doing online shopping from not so established website, you might save your credit/debit card information on the website for faster future checkouts. This makes your card details more vulnerable since hackers are continuously trying to breach small websites for such information.
  • The credit/debit card details saved in any app on you mobile (food ordering apps, shopping apps. etc), are also vulnerable to data theft in case of a data breach in the company offering the app.
  • Many 3rd party addons and apps are now present on Social media platforms like Facebook which ask you to log in via Facebook, in this way your Facebook data is shared with the 3rd party app/addons and their data security measures might not be as strong as Facebooks’. Leaving your personal information vulnerable to data theft.

So, the question then is, how do you protect your personal and financial information online from being misused?

Here’s is where the ID Fence comes in. ID Fence monitors all your data 24X7, from your credit, debit, and identity cards to your bank and social media accounts and even your mobile number and email ID to ensure that you get alerts in real-time whenever someone may be trying to misuse your information online.

It even helps you with the actions you can take to ensure that your information remains safe.

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