5 ways to protect your Smartphone from common damages

Smartphones have become an imperative part of our lives. They make our lives easier and better in more ways than one. Right from staying connected to our family and friends to shopping, banking, gaming and entertainment, smartphones have improved almost all areas of our lives.

At OneAssist, we understand the importance of smartphones in your life. That’s why we have created the Mobile Protection Plan, so that you don’t have to live without the convenience and comforts offered by your smartphone. Our Mobile Protection Plan helps you save time, money, and hassles while protecting your smartphone against accidental and liquid damages.

However, the plan does not offer coverage to those cases where damage has occurred due to negligence. ‘Negligence is defined as the failure to behave with the level of care that someone of ordinary prudence would have exercised under the same circumstances.’ But, like almost all definitions, the definition of negligence leaves more doubts than clarity. So, to help you out, here are some circumstances that fall under damages caused due to negligence.

Smartphones are not good swimmers

Over the years, smartphones have undergone tremendous upgrades to become the sophisticated devices that we know today. However, they still have not mastered the art of swimming. Even though many smartphones have resistance to water, no smartphone is completely waterproof. Hence, you must always be extremely careful about using your smartphone near swimming pools, lakes, or oceans. Another common way that phones get damaged is through its usage during heavy rains. Actions like talking on the phone, texting, playing games or even trying to click photos while out in heavy rains can critically damage your mobile phone. Hence, all of these damages are considered to be caused due to your negligence.

Smartphones do not prefer being in the washroom

Our mobile phones have truly become inseparable companions. In fact, many of us use it to scroll through social media, read news articles, and listen to music while using the washroom. However, there is a high chance that it can get damaged by accidentally dropping it in the pot, washbasin, or shower. Even if you manage to keep it safe, the high moisture content in the bathroom can damage your smartphone. So, avoid taking your smartphone while using washrooms as any resulting damage will fall under your negligence.

Smartphones are anything but toys

Kids like to play with toys and more importantly, they often treat almost every object as a toy. Even if you give your phone to your child to play games on the phone, they might end up playing with the phone instead. So, the chances of your phone getting damaged in the hands of your child are extremely high and hence, such damages are considered negligence.

Smartphones prefers responsible driving

Usage of smartphone while driving or riding a motorcycle is another common cause for damages. It can not only cause damages to your smartphone but can also result in road accidents. Using the smartphone even while riding on the backseat of a motorcycle can also increase the chances of it getting damaged. Any such damages to your smartphone will be considered your negligence.

Smartphones aren’t really smart teammates

Who doesn’t enjoy playing sports! Whether it’s Cricket, Football, Badminton, Volleyball or any other sport, the excitement and thrill that it offers is unmatched. However, carrying your smartphone while engaging in any of these sports not only impacts your performance, but also raises the chances of it getting damaged. So, avoid playing sports with your phone in your pocket as it falls under the negligence category.

So, these are some instances that can fall under damages caused due to negligence. You can refer to the terms and conditions to know more details about your plan.

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