Unauthorized Mobile Repair – More Damage than Repair

Smartphones are indispensable to our lives today. We are in fact so used to the comforts and conveniences that are offered by our smartphone that we very often realize their value in our lives only when they are damaged. This is why we have created the OneAssist Mobile Protection plan, which protects your smartphone against accidental and liquid damages while saving you time, money and hassles on mobile repairs.

However, there are certain scenarios, where your claim may get rejected. One such scenario is when repair or modifications have been done by an unauthorized technician or at an unauthorized repair centre. Such unauthorized repairs can not only lead to rejection of your claim but very often make your phone warranty void as well.

Unauthorized repairs are pretty common, especially in India. There are a couple of reasons that you may get your phone repaired at an unauthorized local repair centre. These are:

Ease of access – local repair centres are spread everywhere and far outnumber the number of authorized repair centres across the country and are usually closer to most customers. 

Lower Cost – Most unauthorized repair centres will charge you a lot less for repair than an authorized repair centre.

Getting unauthorized repairs seems like a great solution in the short term. However, it can not only get your claim rejected, but also can lead to other problems.

Recurrent problems – Many repair shops often use fake or low-quality spare parts. This lowers the cost of repairs but very often leads to the same problem recurring or even more serious problems with your phone within a few months.

Stolen Personal Information – There are innumerable cases of customers’ personal data getting stolen from their mobile phone during repairs.

More damage – Inexperienced technicians can often damage other parts of your phone during repair. This can make your phone warranty void and prevents OneAssist from approving your claim as well.

No spare part/ service guarantee – Small repair shops do not provide any warranty or guarantee for the parts that are repaired or replaced.

While you have your OneAssist Mobile Protection plan, however, you don’t need to worry about any of these

We pick up and drop off your phone so you never have to step out of your home

All the repairs are done at OneAssist verified service centres

The service is performed by industry trained experts

All the repairs are done using 100% genuine spare parts

All you need is to raise a claim on the OneAssist Mobile App, and we take care of the rest.

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