Why Do You Need Card blocking Functionality?

Payment card fraud worldwide accounts for over $24.26 billion.

With the rise in card fraud, the chances of you experiencing card fraud are also increasing.

Ask yourself, are you covered for card fraud?

Do you have the strongest armor and assistance to help you get through a card fraud attempt?

One of the vital services you need once you spot a card fraud is a card blocking functionality.


Before we jump onto that, let’s go through the nitty-gritty of how you can spot a card fraud for yourself.

How To Spot A Card Fraud Instantly?

Keep a check on your bank statement

Keeping an eye on your bank statements can instantly help you spot the fraud. You can check for all the transactions you have not initiated, find all the doubtful spots in your statement, and report the fraud to your bank.

If you receive a transaction alert

If you have set up mobile alerts with your bank, you’ll get an instant text message or email from your bank if there’s a successful transaction happening. You can report the fraud and get all your cards blocked. It will help you from further damage and save you your earnings.

If your wallet gets stolen

Your credit card can be misused through ‘Tap To Pay’ functionality for minimum transactions that don’t require any pin or OTP. Immediately reporting to all your banks and discontinuing all your cards, can save you thousands of your hard-earned money and going through financial troubles.

Now that you know how you can spot card fraud, let’s check out why you need a card blocking service once you spot card fraud.

Why Is Card Blocking Service Important For You?

Saves your time

With a single call, you can block multiple cards or the ones on which you spotted the fraud. It will save you time getting in touch with multiple banks and explaining them the entire situation. The entire blocking process can take you ages but with a card blocking service, irrespective of you bank, you can block all your cards within one phone call.

Saves your money

Once you spot a card fraud, you can block all your cards instantly, with a single call. If you yourself get stuck with the entire time-consuming blocking process, chances are during the wasted time the fraudulent transactions can happen and you might lose more money.

Saves you from the hassles

You’ll be free from further hassles once you experience an unfortunate card fraud. With a single call, you can block all your stolen bank cards or the ones that have been scammed or hacked. You don’t need to waste your energy and go through hectic procedures to report card fraud, block the cards, and recover all the lost money.

These are the major benefits you get with a card blocking service. But with multiple service providers choosing one for yourself is a hectic task.

But with OneAssist excellent card fraud protection, you got it all covered.

How Can OneAssist Help You?

With OneAssist Wallet Protection, you can cover your credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, net banking accounts and UPI against frauds within 1 plan.

With the card fraud protection and blocking service, you can get all the benefits that can help you save your time, energy, and money.

Feel completely secured regarding bank card, UPI & M-wallet frauds with OneAssist Wallet Protection Plan.

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