This New Year, Gift Yourself Wallet Protection!

Have you made any dinner reservations yet with your family, or are you joining a friend for a glass of wine soon?

Or is it that you are planning to leave for a short yet elaborate vacation to an exotic place?

Why ask? It’s New Year’s eve in a few hours, of course!

It is almost time to make new year’s resolutions (which we secretly know will last only a month) and hog from malls to departmental stores to buy gifts for loved ones.

It is also almost time when people like you and I could fall prey to the horrors of wallet theft.

Sure, you could think that you’re a very responsible person, and the chances of this happening to you are the same as Trump ruling America again. 

But that’s hardly the case.

No, we don’t doubt that you’re a responsible person. However, mishaps and misfortunes come unannounced and can steal away your precious wallet without giving you any notice, anytime and any day. 

Therefore, a New Year’s eve is no different.

You always need to be prepared with a rainy day plan, an all-in-one emergency assistance service that can cover for you in case of wallet theft, regardless of your location. 

Why Do You Need a Wallet Protection Service?

Losing your wallet could be a nerve-racking ordeal. You could become a victim of credit or debit card fraud and be left stranded without a penny when you’re traveling.

It doesn’t end just there!

Apart from the financial loss, you could also lose important identity cards that can be misused and exploited in scams.

What would you do in such a scenario? 

What is the right thing to do?

This is how it happens in general:

  • You would run to the nearest local police station and complain about the theft, which could take a while.
  • To block your credit and debit cards, you have to contact multiple banks one at a time, which is a time-consuming process.

But what would you do if you are traveling and don’t have the banks’ details or the cards’ numbers available with you to block the cards?

Here comes a wallet protection service, an innovative and intelligent way to deal with all the significant ordeals related to wallet theft without any fuss.

This is how it works: a simple phone call!

If you are registered with a smart wallet protection service, you are only a phone call away from blocking all your cards and getting protection against scams and fraud.

 OneAssist‘s Wallet Protection Plan Is Here to Save the Day!

If you lose your wallet with all your cards and cash, you don’t have to fret anymore. We understand that it could be a shocking and harrowing experience; therefore, we are here to help you get through it by saving your time, effort, and money.

With  OneAssist’s emergency travel assistance, you can clear your hotel expenditures and book return tickets to come back safely and hassle-free if you haven’t already. 

You can avail up to INR 40,000 to settle hotel bills in India and up to INR 80,000 to settle hotel bills in other countries. Similar assistance is also available for booking return tickets in India and other countries.

In the event of a wallet loss in general, you will receive cash assistance of up to INR 25,000 as well, in a situation of need.

Here’s a bonus point!

Once you have returned home safely, you can pay back the entire amount to the service partner INTEREST-FREE within 28 days of the settlement of your hotel bill and return ticket.

Apart from physical wallet protection services,  OneAssist also offers Credit/debit cards, m-wallet & UPI protection and lost ID replacements and provides pre-reporting fraud cover of up to INR 5,00,000 on bank cards to compensate for your monetary losses in case of fraud.

Be protected, be safe, and be travel-ready with  OneAssist!

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