Is your identity really safe on the web?

Identity theft is a major problem all around the world, and anyone could end up becoming a victim of it. 

When we talk about identity theft, we don’t mean someone stealing your wallet and stirring up trouble for you. 

Of course, that can happen as well. However, today we are talking about identity theft on the web. 

With identity theft, your personal information can end up on the dark web, becoming available for selling or buying.

Thanks to the rapid advancement of technology, malicious actors now have more chances than ever before to acquire your personal information for their own advantage. 

A large percentage of personal and sensitive data for sale on the dark web is acquired by:

  • Malware
  • Security breaches 
  • Phishing
  • Social engineering 

Because the dark web provides cybercriminals with the power of anonymity, it could be hard to determine who has traded your sensitive information. 

If it’s your government identity card details, for instance, whoever has it can register fraudulent accounts, file for fraudulent tax returns and healthcare insurance claims, etc. 

If they acquire your credentials that were exposed in a security breach, fraudsters can use those credentials to log in to any of your online accounts. They can also use your bank account, credit card, or debit card details, if they are exposed and traded, to rob your savings deposits and make fraudulent transactions.

However, there’s a solution!

But before that, let’s take a glance at a few of the different forms of identity theft.

Different Forms of Identity Theft

Fraudulent account takeover

When someone gets access to and gets hold of one or several of your accounts without your consent or knowledge, this is known as a fraudulent account takeover. 

They can then use the accounts the same way you can, for instance, perform fraudulent transactions, transfer funds, or authorize other bank accounts.

Credit or debit card fraud

When a scammer uses your credit or debit card without your consent, this is referred to as fraud. Even if a fraudster does not actually have your card, they can still use your card details, PIN, and security code to make fraudulent transactions. 

Someone could even try to acquire access to your other accounts using your credit or debit card details. In either instance, fraudulent activities have the potential to harm your credit score in several ways, such as by increasing your credit card debt.

Identity theft on the Internet of Things

Everything from cell phones to home appliances to automobiles is now connected to the internet and integrated with one another. Smart devices that inform you of your day’s program while you sip your morning tea, for instance, are undoubtedly helpful. 

But the internet of things (IoT) has also brought a new vulnerable spot for hackers and fraudsters to exploit. 

Identity theft happens when someone takes advantage of a security vulnerability in an internet-connected gadget to acquire access to sensitive data.

Because devices are usually linked to key online accounts, such as your email, each gadget could be a route of access for a malicious attacker.

Now, coming back to the solution,

All you need to do to secure yourself and your data on the dark web: Dark Web Monitoring!

What Is Dark Web Monitoring?

The procedure of scanning and keeping track of personal data found on the dark web is known as “dark web monitoring.”

Because of the dark web’s anonymity, it provides a platform for those who want to remain anonymous, whether for harmless motives or because they are involved in criminal activity, such as identity theft. 

If your personal information is stolen, the criminal can sell it on the dark web to someone who intends to use it to conduct fraud. 

Dark web monitoring can assist you in protecting your identity and, consequently, your financial assets. 

Protect Your Identity with OneAssist

We offer you an inexpensive plan that can secure your identity details as well as your financial assets.

WithOneAssist‘s FinProtect plan, we monitor your data on the dark web 24×7 and send data breach alerts and notifications.

In case of an unfortunate incident, we recommend appropriate measures to control the damage.

Our comprehensive plan also protects your:

  • Bank cards
  • Bank accounts
  • Government identity cards
  • Email IDs
  • Phone numbers

But wait, there’s more!

You can also use OneAssist to monitor your social networking privacy and reputational risks.

Get OneAssist plan today and give your identity and finances the needed protection.

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