Why do you need card fraud protection?

Are you carrying multiple cards in your wallet?

Do you think mobile wallets are less secure?

Do you want to avoid all the online scams and fraud?

If yes, you are at the right place.

People affected by data breaches will be over 300 million in 2020.

There is an increase in credit card fraud of 44.7% compared to the 2019 stats.

With technological advancement, all the hackers and scammers have also increased their malicious activities on the internet.

Anyone, including you, can become a victim of online card fraud and fall into a serious financial crisis in a matter of no time.

So what are your options?

To be completely safe and secure from all the card fraud happening these days and to be insured if, unfortunately, any card fraud happens to you in the future. 

You need to strengthen your financial armor with solid card fraud protection. 

But why?

Let’s understand the nitty-gritty and figure out the solution.

Why do you need card fraud protection?

To Save All Your Money In Banks

With increased cyber fraud and offline scamming, you need card fraud protection to secure yourself from online or offline malicious attacks. 

There can be a chance where you could be tricked into losing a majority of your wealth within a few minutes by using advanced fraud techniques.

You’ll save time and effort protecting your mobile wallets and cards from fraud. You’ll be able to devote your attention to increasing your wealth rather than struggling to protect it.

To Provide Complete Protection

One of the vital elements of card fraud protection for your credit or debit cards is to feel secure with all your online and offline transactions. Card payments will be protected from online to offline, and all your vital details will not be compromised with any undesirable third-party attacks.

Taking precautions can save you a lot of trouble, and it will be a safer path. 

To Assist You With A Pre-Reporting Fraud Cover

Pre-reporting fraud cover is a facility your OneAssist wallet protection plan provides you with. You can cover a limited amount depending upon the package you’ll choose. 

You need to just report to OneAssist, and you’ll be able to cover yourself from the fraud. With the OneAssist plan, you also get 24×7 assistance for your mobile wallet and card fraud protection.

To Enable The Ease of Card Blocking Service

Once you are enabled with card fraud protection, you can get card blocking service to block all your cards irrespective of the bank, m-wallets & UPI in just a call.

You need to report to OneAssit, and you’ll escape the hassle of calling every bank to block your card and handle all the technical aspects. You can describe the details of all the cards you need to block, and the remaining process will be taken care of.

These were the top reasons you need to have card fraud protection. 

Now that you know that OneAssist provides protection much more enhanced than the banks provide you with, let’s see what’s more we offer.

OneAssist Can Keep You Protected

With OneAssist wallet protection, you can cover your credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, net banking accounts, and UPI against fraud. We’ll secure all your important details online, and our plan will cover your financial losses.

You just need to choose a tailored plan for your protection cover, and with the pre-reporting fraud cover, we’ll help you cover a maximum of ₹5 lakhs. 

Our card blocking services can help you save your time, money, and the hassles of blocking all the cards while connecting to all your banks.

You can avail of the service 24*7, and there will be no compromise on the customer protection support we’ll offer.

We can protect your mobile wallets with improved security for online transactions and protect you from any unwanted activities from hackers or scammers.

Feel completely secure regarding card fraud and mobile wallet protection with OneAssist. Get in touch with our experts to understand our card fraud and mobile wallet protection services.

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