Did You Know That UPI/M-Wallets are prone to frauds?

It’s the New Year 2022!

We survived yet another year, didn’t we?

Surely we all deserve a little break this new year after braving yet another variant of the never-ending COVID-19 pandemic.  

But how do you plan to do it?

Are you planning a trip to the mountains to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life?

Or are you going to party with your pals overnight, dancing away the worries of the world?

Either option sounds like a fantastic way to kick off the new year!

But what would you do if a party pooper jerks your back to reality, ruining your fun new year plans?

No, we’re not talking about another coronavirus variant (although that’s a possibility, too!). But something that is a carrier, protector, and even the controller of your life these days — your mobile phone!

What would happen if you lose your mobile phone and it falls into the hands of a troublemaker who knows how to party as well?

Sounds scary, right?

Although it may seem like a tiny little thing, your mobile phone contains a ton of things that can bring on a hell of a disaster if it falls into the hands of a fraudster.

How Risky is it to Lose Your Mobile Phone?

Your mobile phone opens a big door into your personal life, including personal information, private photos and videos, and social media apps.

Not only that, but it can provide access to your bank accounts, mobile wallets (M-Wallets), and other payment apps as well.

If you think UPI/M-Wallets are secure, then you are sadly mistaken. For a professional hacker, cracking accounts, locks, and codes is a piece of cake.

But what if there’s a way to be prepared, come what may?

What if there’s a solution that can provide not just M-Wallet protection but a lot more than that?

Benefits of Wallet Protection Plan

There are, of course, several M-Wallet/UPI protection solutions on the market. However, investing in a wallet protection plan that includes not just UPI protection but several other benefits could save you a lot of effort and time.

Is building and multiplying your fortune one of your new year’s resolutions for 2022?

A reliable wallet protection plan will enable you to focus on growing your money instead of leaving you to worry about protecting it.

With a reputable wallet protection plan, you can:

  • Protect your UPI/M-Wallet
  • Secure fraud cover against online/offline fraud, hacking, phishing of M-Wallet account, skimming, ATM/ PIN, Counterfeit Cards, duplicate card frauds.
  • Block all your cards in case of wallet theft in just 1 call
  • Avail emergency travel assistance if you lose your wallet while traveling.

An easy phone call that can give you the confidence to be stress-free if an unfortunate situation arises is certainly empowering.

Since we have come so far, why make you go through all the trouble of finding an ideal wallet protection plan?

Protect Your UPI/M-Wallet with OneAssist

A few of the most distressing events in life are when your ex breaks up with you over a text and when you lose your wallet or phone.

While you cannot do much about a silly ex, however, you can invest in a wallet protection plan that can give you protection against card fraud and UPI/M-wallet fraud.

OneAssist gives you protection cover for M-Wallet fraud for up to INR 1,00,000 (covers the amount loaded in the UPI/M-wallet).

OneAssist also provides emergency travel assistance!

You can avail cash assistance up to INR 40,000 to settle hotel bills and book return tickets in India if you lose your wallet while traveling. Similarly, you can avail up to INR 80,000 for the same if traveling abroad.

Once you’re back in town, your home sweet home, you can pay back this amount without a penny of interest within 28 days.

What’s got you worried now?

Pack your travel bags and get moving, leaving behind your stress, or put on a party dress and get dancing because OneAssist’s got your back.

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