Why Do You Need a UPI or M-Wallet Protection Plan?

People mostly prefer to make UPI or M-Wallet transactions because they are hassle-free, and you don’t have to dig in your wallet for exact changes.

Imagine you went to buy grocery early morning.

At the time of payment, you see that, due to network failure, your mobile internet is not working. So, you seek a public Wi-Fi and connect to it. After finding a strong Wi-Fi network connection, you make the payment and go on your way.

Later at night, you receive a notification saying that a huge sum of money has been debited from your account. 

Sounds terrifying, right?

You know that you didn’t make any faulty transactions or lose your cellphone to a thief in the market while shopping in the morning.

Then how could this happen?

Making UPI or M-Wallet payments on an unsecured network such as public Wi-Fi is an easy route for opportunistic fraudsters to steal your sensitive data. 

Because public Wi-Fi is available to anyone, hackers will frequently position themselves between you and the web to intercept the personal information you’re providing.

Now, let’s log out of this scary imagination and log back into reality.

This imaginative situation was one of the many possibilities of UPI or M-Wallet scams and fraud. And just like this, there are many other ways you can get conned over, such as phishing calls, overpayment scams, prize money scams, payment request scams, etc.

However, these situations can be avoided or handled if you are subscribed to a cost-friendly and robust UPI/M-Wallet protection plan.

Advantages of UPI or M-Wallet Protection Plan

A reliable and budget-friendly M-Wallet protection plan will protect you from scams and safeguard your financial assets.

It will give you coverage not only for UPI/M-Wallet scams but also for hacking and phishing.

Such protection plans come with several added benefits, like emergency travel assistance, if you lose your wallet and bank cards while traveling in India or abroad.

With OneAssist, You Can Protect Your UPI/M-Wallet

For protection against M-Wallet fraud, OneAssist provides you with coverage of up to INR 1,00,000 (to cover the digital cash loaded in the UPI/M-wallet).

In the case of wallet theft, you only need to make a single phone call, and we will take care of the rest. With your phone call, we can block all your bank cards in a matter of some time.

Additionally, you receive several other benefits with our UPI/M-Wallet protection plan.

Don’t let your festivities turn into frightening nightmares, and get protected with OneAssist

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