Why do we need to safeguard our credit cards?

Consider an individual who’s completely careful with his bank-related activities. He’s aware of bank fraud, never gives out his details, and follows all countermeasures required to safeguard his money. 

Now consider a scammer with years of experience scamming people out of their money! Who wins? 

Well, unfortunately, the latter. In this era of the digital age, there isn’t any precaution that scammers don’t crack, and these cases are very frequent when it comes to card fraud. 

Now you may ask, what can the other person even do when they don’t even have access to your cards? 

Well, let’s take an example here. You filled up for an online delivery where you gave your account number and your expiration date. 


Minute details, right? No problems with giving it out as the OTP still remains with you! Well, if you think you’re safe, we’re here to prove you wrong! 

Fraud without a card are carried out in this manner only. This form of fraud can be carried out through mail, the internet, or over the phone. 

Fraudsters usually access your account number and then hack into your mobile phones to access your OTPs. 

Once your OTP is attained, BOOM! There goes all your money!

And that isn’t even all there are so many card fraud scenarios where criminals can scam you!

Examples Of Card Fraud Cases

Debit and credit cards, PAN cards, loyalty/membership cards, and other cards are now all part of one’s wallet. If you lose or misplace these cards, you run the danger of their being misused.

Furthermore, credit and debit card fraud is at an all-time high, making it critical to safeguard this plastic money from loss and fraud. 

Everyone knows about how a lost or stolen credit card can be used illegally by a scammer but in addition to them, there are numerous circumstances in which a fraudster may attempt to defraud you, some of which are:


Skimming Of Credit Cards

One of the most common types of credit card fraud is credit card skimming. A tiny gadget connected to a point of sale system is used in this form of fraud. 

When a person swipes their credit card, the equipment is set up to take the information. The skimming machine records all of the information on the credit card’s magnetic stripe, including the person’s name and credit card number.

Bogus Applications

A criminal utilizes a person’s personal information in this type of fraud. To open a credit card, they will use your billing address, birth date, and social security number.

Someone has taken control of your account

Unfortunately, account takeover is an all-too-common type of credit card theft. What occurs is that the criminal obtains all of your personal information and essential documents. 

This is done through the internet. They will then claim to be you and contact your credit card company.

So What Do To Avoid Falling Prey To Scammers?

The above cases already give an overview of how, even after being careful, one might fall prey to the scammers. 

Credit card protection plans are hence your measure of prevention here! 

In the event of card theft, loss, or fraud, the Credit Card Protection Plan operates as an insurance plan for credit cards, debit cards, retail cards, and membership and retail cards. 


To use the service, the cardholder must pay a predetermined annual cost. OneAssist is the top service provider in India that offer this service. 

They provide a variety of card protection solutions depending on information such as credit limits and other factors. 

Beat The Scammers With Easy OneAssist Assistance

OneAssist helps you secure your credit/debit cards, digital payments, and other card perjury services with OneAssist Wallet Protection Plan.

Simply select a bespoke package for your protection cover, and then we’ll assist you in covering a total of five lakhs with the pre-reporting fraudulent cover.

Anyone can use the service, and the consumer rights support we provide will never be compromised.

With OneAssist, you are entirely protected against card fraud.

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