Is PAN/DL replacement assistance necessary for you?

We all love to hear stories, don’t we?

Today, let’s begin with one.

On an ordinary weekend, an ordinary couple went shopping in an overcrowded mall. The couple picked a lot of stuff, ranging from clothes and accessories to groceries and home decor items. 

At the time of payment, the husband realized that his wallet was gone, and he quickly realized that he fell prey to good old wallet theft.

He couldn’t make payments for their purchases, so the wife did instead. 

But here’s the worst part!

The man’s wallet didn’t only have all his money, but also his bank cards, identity cards, including his PAN card and Driving License.

Well, being without the PAN card can suffice as it’s not required every day but without Driving License can not as it’s an everyday essential Identity card. 

One cannot go around driving with carrying it.

It feels bad to hear, right? 

A good day was spoiled because of someone’s greed. 

And now the couple will have to go through infinite hassles to get their identity cards reissued.

Let’s find out in brief about the hassles that await them.

Process Of Getting Your PAN/DL Replaced

Applying for PAN/DL the first time is a relatively straightforward process. However, the exact process becomes complicated when doing it a second time. 

There are two ways to get it replaced:

The first is an online method in which you must fill out a lot of mandatory forms and document and upload them. 

Later take a printout of the online LLD form and then submit it to the RTO office with photographs and signatures attached. 

The second method is the offline method, where you need to visit your RTO office in person and fill up the necessary forms there.

PAN card replacement is almost the same. 

You can get your PAN card replaced through online and offline processes and additional ways like using your Aadhar card for PAN card replacement and more. 

You need to get an FIR for your DL report, and you need to frequently update yourself on the status of your PAN/DL replacement status. 

It would help if you kept verifying your PAN/DL status with the authorities. 

However, as a result, when you add up the time and money this whole process costs you, it’s a pain in the neck.


OneAssist’s PAN/DL Replacement Assistance

Remember the couple’s story who became a victim of wallet theft?

Well sadly, this is not always a story. This has happened with a lot of us.

This time let’s change the story a little bit. 

Everything happens the same. They go shopping and their wallet gets stolen.

Only this time, they have assistance. And by assistance, we mean the OneAssist’s wallet protection plan! 

OneAssist can give you the required monetary and other assistance.

Not only that, but OneAssist can also help you reapply for a PAN card and Driving Licence free of charge!

If you ever happen to become a victim of wallet theft and are afraid that your credit or debit card will be misused, give us a call and we’ll block all your cards.

It’s that easy.

So don’t let someone’s greed spoil your day. Use OneAssist’s services!

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