Why card blocking service is crucial in protecting you from fraudsters and scammers?


Arman was a normal working man. 

A regular life, a typical job, life was running its course until one day Arman received a call from his brother asking if he could help him make a payment for a purchase online as he was running low on funds.

Out of the familial relationship, Arman believed his brother, and without asking much, he gave away his debit card details and went back to his work. 

After a while, Arman received alerts from his bank that a huge amount of transactions has been made. This made him wonder that for a mere online shopping, such an amount is a lot. 

Therefore, he decides to call up his brother and clarify.


Upon calling his brother, poor Arman realizes that his brother never called him or asked him for money. 

Unfortunately, Arman fell prey to voice phishing!

Now you must be thinking, what a moron! Falling prey to something like that in today’s world. 

Well, to tell you, the above incident has happened with so many people that it’s difficult to say whether individuals are stupid or the scammers are very smart! The infinite number of ways a scammer might scam people makes the case even direr!

Time To Shield Yourself!

Catching all the scammers in this world is next to impossible. You may catch one, or even a few, but another might rise soon. 

Safeguarding yourself from all the ways someone can scam you might be of some help, but what can someone do in the case where he doesn’t fall prey to voice phishing but instead the dark web is his enemy?

What if we tell you that there is a way that can assist him if he ever falls prey to the dark world!

Presenting OneAssist’s protection plans!

See, Arman got the gut feeling that something was wrong once he received those suspicious transaction alerts, but this time, he didn’t panic. He calls the professionals at OneAssist!

The experts help him block his card in the fastest manner possible so that the scammers never get enough time to withdraw money from Arman’s account. 


And that isn’t all. Arman’s case was just one of the many ways an online fraud can happen. OneAssist comes to your rescue even when you have lost your debit/credit cards, have fallen prey to identity theft, need a PAN card or Driving License replacement assistance, and much more. 

The OneAssist wallet protection plan is specifically there to help you when you might have lost your debit and credit cards!

With OneAssist, you can keep your credit and debit cards safe.


Don’t become an adult who’s experienced credit card fraud; become one who safeguards himself without waiting for the impending disaster!

OneAssist wallet protection plans not only provide you coverage for offline and online fraud but also help you deal with counterfeit cards, duplicate card fraud, phishing, skimming, and ATM/PIN frauds.

With just a single phone call, OneAssist helps you to block your credit and debit cards, not leaving any time for fraudsters to even think about misusing your cards.

This prevents you from the headache of going to your bank and having long chats with their customer care systems, which, by the way, is a tedious process of talking to a robotic voice online until you reach a real human being to talk for help.

The advantages of OneAssist protection plans do not end there. This plan also includes emergency travel assistance. 

This option will be highly beneficial if, while traveling, you lose your bank or identification cards.
So let’s not waste any more time and take OneAssist’s wallet protection plans today to

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