Importance of a protection plan to safeguard your finances.

You must have heard about people getting scammed through phone calls and losing a lot of money. 

These days such stories are not uncommon at all. 

Such callers have tried scamming almost all of us, and several have fallen victim to it. 

This is called phishing.

So what happens is that a fraudster (more appropriately, a malicious actor) would call you up with a very tempting and ‘too good to be true’ offer and do their best to persuade you to accept it. 

Once they successfully convince you to take it, you will be then asked to share your bank account details or card details to make the monetary transaction. 

Once you provide those details, the next thing you would know is you have been lulled into a nightmare.


Another possibility is that you receive a call or an email from a malicious actor impersonating a bank employee. 

The ploy is to persuade you to click on fraudulent websites that look authentic.

Once you go to those links, you will be asked to enter card details and request OTP to verify your card. 

In this case, too, you will be left drained financially after you are done.

It’s dreadful, isn’t it?

It makes one wonder how to escape it.

Well, for starters, you could do a couple of things to stay safe from such scams.

Always double-check the URL before giving away your personal information, and never click on suspicious websites’ links.

To make any online transaction, always use your bank’s official website or call on your bank’s official assistance number directly for help. Also, notify your bank about the contact number you received fraudulent calls from.


But let’s be honest here.

Even after taking such precautionary measures to protect their finances, one can still become a victim of phishing or any other scam for that matter.

Other than these scams, wallet theft is another way to become a victim of credit card or debit card fraud.

Do not assume that losing your wallet will not cause you much trouble; it can cause far more than you can imagine.

You do not just lose money to the thief but also your identification cards and bank cards, which are the best tools to scam and steal money. 

Apart from this, there are several types of scams, such as, that professional fraudsters and hackers use to their benefit to cheat people.

So it’s better to rely on something that can prove to be of better help in such circumstances.

Safeguard Your Finances with OneAssist


If you ever lose money to a malicious actor because of credit or debit card fraud or phishing or lose your wallet to a thief, you would have to call all your bank card institutions one by one to get your cards blocked. 

This whole affair is undoubtedly time-consuming.

However, you can save your time and finances by partnering with OneAssist and subscribing to our Wallet Protection Plan.

If your cards are already registered with us, you can just give us a call and we will block all your bank cards without making you go through any trouble.

With our wallet protection plan, you can also get protection for:

  • M-Wallet fraud
  • Net-banking fraud
  • Banking fraud

Another benefit you will receive with this plan is emergency travel assistance to clear off your hotel bills and book return tickets in case you lose your wallet to a thief while travelling.

You get all these benefits in a plan that is quite reliable and inexpensive.

Go, get your Wallet Protection Plan from OneAssist and save yourself from financial fraud today!

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