What makes our mobile protection plan remarkable?

If there’s a choice, which of the two would you pick?

  • Visit a beautiful island for three days without your mobile phone
  • Stay at home straight for three days but with your mobile phone

Taking a guess here: the majority would pick the second choice.

Our world has become such a place that we cannot just do without our mobile phones. Even with the latter choice, when you stay at home with your phone, you still get to be connected with the outside world ( at least virtually).

If a problematic situation arises, you can call someone for help with your “knight in shining back cover” device. 

But can you do the same on an island?

What if you get lost somewhere? 

Indeed it sounds scary, but mobile phones are really not symbols of status anymore but a privilege.


We are happy to know that you are a part of the OneAssit family and have bought protection for your mobile phone. But here’s a couple of questions for you:

Are you aware of how you can access the benefits we provide in times of need?

Do you know the terms and conditions you need to keep in mind while raising a claim?

These are crucial factors for you to consider when the need arises to get our help. Let’s uncover them one by one!


The two most important thing you need to remember is that:

  1. We give protection for your smartphone device in case of damage caused by accidents, liquid spillage, and breakages.
  2. You can file up to two claims* (as per plan terms) during your entire coverage period.

Here’s a list of things that we do not cover under our plan:

  • Any damage caused by mishandling or negligence, such as giving your phone to your child to play with or having it damaged by your pet (accidentally)
  • Damages incurred by repairs or adjustments performed on the device by anybody who is not authorized by the brand
  • Loss or damage to the device as a result of unexplainable situations or reasons
  • Manufacturing defects or issues that are already covered and repairable by the device’s brand warranty
  • Minor damage, such as scratches or dents that do not hinder mobile functioning, is not included in your plan
  • Claims or service requests filed to OneAssist after 48 hours of the incident of mobile damage are not covered

Sounds overwhelming?

Our list of benefits will undoubtedly top it off!

Benefits of OneAssist’s Mobile Protection Plan


  • If your smartphone gets damaged, you can simply raise a request with just a few taps on your OneAssist mobile application. 
  • We will pick up your mobile for repair from your doorstep cost-free.
  • The repair cost of your mobile phone can be covered with just a small excess charge. That’s all!
  • We send smartphone devices to authorized service centers that use 100% genuine spare parts to ensure quality repair service. So no more worrying about lousy repair jobs!
  • Once the repair is done, we will return your mobile phone to you at your doorstep.
  • We have also enabled a Mobile Health Checker feature on our OneAsssit app, where you can test your mobile’s performance.

OneAssist Is Always There to Save the Day!

Gone are the days of worrying about your expensive devices and freaking out about their well-being all the time.

With OneAssist, your mobile phone is now protected against

 accidental and liquid damages and breakages. 

But that’s not all!

We offer protection plans for your laptop wearables and home appliances too. 

If you haven’t already subscribed, now is the best time to do and enjoy exclusive offers and benefits.

Time to enjoy hassle-free claim experiences while availing an array of premier advantages with OneAssist!

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