How to protect your appliances with a single OneAssist plan?

The Covid-19 made us do everything at home. Isn’t it? 

We use several gadgets or appliances like AC, TV, washing machine, coffee maker, air purifier, multitasking microwave, and whatnot in our homes daily, and these appliances are the tools that have been making our everyday life comfortable.

Who wouldn’t love freshly made pizza, clean sheets, and chilled room on a steamy summer evening, right? 

Now just imagine you have come home after a long and tiring day from work. 

You think of sitting down for a bit in front of the air conditioner and later doing your laundry.

But to your horror, you see precisely the opposite. The air conditioner you have been ignoring for so long in the winter it’s not chilling as it should and suddenly breaks down. 

Also, later when you think of washing the clothes in your washing machine, you hear some noise, and it too seems to have some faults. 

Isn’t the scenario horrible? We understand!


No doubt, you will try to get it fixed as quickly as possible, right? 

However, did you notice that home appliance repair expenses have increased recently, causing you to consider buying a new appliance?

Yes, a damaged screen might cost you over 75% of the price of your TV. Can you believe it?

Also, did you think these home appliances could just be connected and left alone?

 No, they need to be serviced on a routine basis to work efficiently and smoothly.

They may be damaged or broken more than expected if you do not handle them properly. You may even notice faults in appliances that are apparently new.

That is why, to reduce the risk of life-threatening events and property damage, you must protect your home appliances against sudden breakdowns and damage. 

You must be wondering how to do that, right? 

Protect all your home appliances with just one plan!

OneAssist’s HomeAssist Plan for home appliances like AC, coffee maker, washing machine, tv, air purifier, and many more. 

This HomeAssist plan is super affordable and easy to use. 


This plan allows you to get any of your home appliances repaired without leaving your home or spending money, as it has 100% cashless repair.

Sounds like a dream? It’s not a dream, believe us. 

Curious to know about this plan? 

Let us explain it to you…

With OneAssist Get Quality Repairs At Your Doorstep

Can you believe the OneAssist’s HomeAssist plan Covers up to 10-year-old appliances of any brand within one plan?

Also, our verified service expert will visit you within 6 hours* of raising the claim!

This plan is incredible! right?

We also offer an option to choose a plan for up to 25 appliances. 

The key benefit of our HomeAssist plan is:

  • 10-Day Resolution Guarantee for other appliances and 15 days for TV
  • 3 Cleaning Service Visits for AC(s) and Water Purifier(s)

No, this is not the end. There is more to the HomeAssist plan.


You will get unlimited quality repairs and service booking 24*7.

These facilities are given in an easy, reliable, and cost-effective plan.

Isn’t this HomeAssist plan fantastic? 

Hurry and subscribe to OneAssist’s HomeAssist Plan to get great offers and complete protection against damage and breakdowns. 

*T&C apply

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