Summer Is Coming. Is Your AC Summer Ready?

Without a dispute or doubt, winter is one of the most beautiful seasons in India.

You get to soak in the warm morning sun and witness the beautifully bloomed flowers in your gardens while you sip your hot ginger tea. 

And let’s not forget comfy blanket times. Who doesn’t like to bundle up in thick and fluffy blankets and relax while watching a romcom?

And the best part of winter?

We save thousands of cash on electricity bills!

That’s a benefit every city dweller enjoys.

However, this benefit doesn’t last more than a few months. 


The onset of spring is always accompanied by the dread about the seemingly inevitable blazing and sweltering summer.

Summer is not that bad either, if we only look at the perks it offers, but it’s just too hard to ignore its downsides.

No one appreciates feeling like a melting ice lolly or sweating profusely.

To cope with that feeling, we rely on our dearest lifesavers, air conditioners.

Now, here’s a question for you: 

Is your air-con summer ready?

Are you wondering what we mean by that?

While you enjoyed the winter, your air-conditioning has been sitting idle during those chilly months collecting leaves, dust, and other debris in the coils, filters, and blowers.

And that is problematic.

When the temperature rises, we fear getting caught poaching in the searing summer heat. 

The last thing you would want on the first scorching hot day of summer is to find that your air conditioner doesn’t work.  

It would certainly be a disappointment, or more like a misfortune, right?

An air conditioning system has an internal air handler and an outdoor compressor. The condenser unit is usually installed outside and is the part of your air conditioning system that you must clean and maintain regularly.


Here’s the real problem that the majority of us suffer from. At times, we forget that appliances are mere machines with poor lifespan (if not maintained regularly).

For machines to function smoothly, periodic maintenance is required, and in the case of an air-con, annually once or twice is ideal, more like necessary. 

If you forget to schedule servicing for your AC, it can get heated up real fast or malfunction in other ways, causing you to drain away more than all the money you saved in the winter due to low electricity bills.

But what if there was an awesome solution to avoid all the hassles?

You would end up saving not just your money but also time, energy, and mental peace, but above all, you would be able to avoid a consequential financial loss.

Always Be Summer Ready with OneAssist!

Summers are meant to enjoy eating ice-creams but not melt like one.

But you no longer have to worry about that anymore.

We offer you unlimited repairs without a penny slipping from your pocket with our Extended Warranty Plan for your home appliances.

You are eligible for as many free repairs as you want within your plan period,up to the cover amount.

Brilliant deal, right?

If your air-con ever malfunctions or needs servicing, just book an appointment with us. Now, all you need is to chill out and wait patiently for the work to get done.

Our expert and qualified technicians will be at your place according to your convenience to provide in-house AC repair or maintenance service.

You can avail this ‘too good to pass’ plan at a very minimal price range and safeguard not just your AC but also your TV, washing machine, refrigerator, microwave oven, water purifier, dishwasher, vacuum cleaner, and the list goes on.

Get OneAssist plan today and safeguard your air-con and other appliances now so that you can relax later.

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