Why is periodic maintenance essential for air conditioners?

As you know, winter is long gone, and it is almost time to bid goodbye to sweet and comforting spring.

Can you already feel the temperature surging day by day?

The coming days are going to be 100% unbearable with the scorching summer heat. But that can definitely be dealt with by air conditioners.

On a serious note, air conditioners are indeed guardian angels of the summer. What would we do without them? 

We cannot certainly afford to melt like ice-creams, can we?

Summers are, of course, meant to enjoy and chill and not melt and sulk because of the heat. So here’s a couple of important questions for you:

  • Is your air conditioner summer ready?
  • And when was the last time you booked a servicing session for it?

The reason for asking these questions is that while your air conditioner was in hibernation for the entire winter, sadly, it did not catch any beauty sleep.

It accumulated dust and debris in its filters, coils, and blowers.

You might think it’s not a big deal; however, it is extremely troublesome.

Your air-con is one of the major home appliances that you cannot do without, and it is also very expensive. 

If you leave it unmaintained, then when the time comes to use it, it will either malfunction or break down or might even utilize heavy electricity units to function.

The possibility of happening any or all of these can lead you to suffer financially.


The only possible solution is to keep them maintained. 

Regular AC servicing will ensure that:

  • Your air conditioner is functioning smoothly, and it will also increase the appliance’s lifespan
  • Your electricity bill doesn’t come sky-high since your maintained air conditioner would utilize only adequate units of electricity
  • You won’t have to spend thousands of bucks on unexpected repair jobs due to malfunctioning or breakdowns
  • You are not breathing dirty and dusty air due to the non-maintenance of your appliance
  • You are comfortable throughout the blazing summer heat and have peace knowing that there are hardly any chances of malfunctions or breakdowns

These are very important benefits, aren’t they?

But let’s not forget that each time you call your local mechanic for a servicing session for your air conditioner, you are going to have to spend a lot of money.


Maintenance does cost a lot, of course.

Or do they really? Think about it!

What if there is a plan that enables you to access unlimited repair or service sessions for your air conditioner?

Come on! We’ll lead you to it right away!

Get Endless Repairs and Servicing Sessions for Your Air Conditioner with OneAssist


When you bought your air conditioner from a store, did it guarantee your appliance a long life?  

We must know better that its warranty is only functional for a limited timeframe, and therefore, we must maintain them periodically so that they function efficiently.

Time to say goodbye to spring and troubles because with OneAssist’s GADGETSERV Plan you can get endless repair and maintenance services for your air conditioner at a budget-friendly rate.

Wait, did you think this plan is only limited to air conditioners?

If you did, then you could not be more wrong!

Apart from air conditioners, GADGETSERV Plan also offers unlimited service visits:

  • Washing machine
  • Microwave
  • Water purifier
  • Flat-screen
  • Refrigerator

We offer this service to you free of charge, and if a repair job fails within one month, we will come back to address your concerns again for free.

Also, if spare parts are required during the repair, we offer up to a 15% reduction on them.

You can schedule our services anytime by calling us, or using our mobile application.

We guarantee that only verified, skilled, and experienced mechanics will visit your residence for maintenance or to address any other troubles you might have.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get set for the summer with OneAssist’s GADGETSERV Plan and avoid future malfunctions and breakdowns.

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