How long does it take to get an appliance repaired efficiently and cost-effectively?

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic situation, several people in the past two years had to change their jobs, and many of them even moved to a new city.

Did you too? Or do you know someone who did?

Regardless you must know that it is a huge hassle when one has to change cities.

Many people prefer selling their old items of furniture and household appliances and buying new units in the new place.


Tahleeya did exactly this last summer when she moved to another state. 

After moving into her new home with a few essential things, she sat on her couch and surfed Amazon to buy several necessary household items like a new fridge, water purifier, microwave, and air conditioner.

The new home appliances arrived in a week and were installed in a day or two. 

Everything went well for a whole year until the arrival of this year’s summer season.

On the day when the temperature peaked the highest and the heat became unbearable, Tahleeya decided to turn on the air conditioner.

The air conditioner started fine, but then all of a sudden stopped working and made a buzzing noise.

Tahleeya was utterly surprised since it was a new air conditioner. This jolted her to immediately fish out the air conditioner’s manufacturer warranty card and call for a maintenance service.

After searching for a good 15 mins, she found the warranty card in one of her old files of important receipts and documents. 

When she took a lot at it, she realized that a year had already passed since the purchase and the validity of the warranty had lapsed just a week ago.


She called for a local mechanic to come and take a look at what’s wrong as well as resolve the issues effectively that concern her air conditioner.

After fiddling for 10 mins with the air conditioner, the mechanic said nothing was wrong with the air conditioner. He added that all Tahleeya needed to do was take off the dirty air filters, give them a proper cleaning, and put them back in place. 

So the mechanic did that exactly for this time and asked her to do it if it ever happens again. After doing all the washing and fixing, the mechanic turned on the air conditioner, and it worked well again. 

Tahleeya had a sigh of relief, paid the mechanic INR 5, 000, and showed him out. 

Later, when she turned on the air conditioner, after a good few minutes, to her horror, it stopped working again and made the same buzzing noise.

She not only couldn’t get her air conditioner repaired properly but also lost incurred financial losses. Collaterally, she also lost her peace of mind.


What would you do if you were in her situation?

A) Are you going to call the same mechanic or a different one and take the same risk again?

B) Are you going to buy a new air conditioner and settle with losing so much money at once?

C) Are you going to subscribe to an affordable and reliable protection plan that gives cover and protection for not just your air conditioner but also for your other valuable home appliances?

If you ask for our opinion, it would be wise to go for option C

Below are more details about this remarkable appliance protection plan; read on to learn more…

Schedule a Professional Repair Service Smoothly with OneAssist!


A malfunctioning air conditioner is like a curse on a hot summer day, and so is a malfunctioning washing machine dryer on a rainy day.

To prevent such hassles, periodic maintenance of home appliances is of utmost importance.

And to help you with that, OneAssist has come up with a solution that provides protection for all your valuable household appliances.

Our comprehensive and secure HomeAssist Plan gives your appliances protection and cover not only against accidental damage and burglary/house break-in but also functional, mechanical, and electrical breakdown.

With this plan, we provide you with unlimited cashless repair services and excellent customer assistance, which is available 24×7 to aid you.

To book a maintenance service, call on our toll-free number at 1800 123 3330. You can also do it easily via our website or mobile phone apps.

Once the maintenance service is scheduled, our authorized and qualified mechanics will pay you a visit (considering your convenience) and do their best to solve all your appliance-related issues. 

So what are you waiting for now?
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