Do You Think Water Purifier Servicing is Costly?

The summer season has finally begun! Finally, we all can enjoy chilled water from our fridge.

Won’t you agree that we need chilled water to overcome this sweltering heat? In this scorching heat, it is necessary to drink lots of water.

So you should be mindful about what you drink.

You must be wondering why you need to be careful about the water, right? Do you know that water contains harmful organisms that can cause different diseases?

Sounds horrible, isn’t it?

Here comes the grand entry of a water purifier!

To remove toxic pollutants and improve our drinkable water’s taste, smell, and appearance, we all need to have a water purifier in our house. Won’t you agree?

Just picture, you’ve just returned from a scorching summer day out.

Without thinking twice, you would grab a bottle of chilled water from the fridge.

However, you find that the water has a peculiar taste. Curious, you investigate and are horrified to discover that the water purifier is emitting a foul odor. It appears something is wrong with it.

Water is a basic necessity. It is something that we all require every single day.

Isn’t it the first thing you wish for after a long tiring day?

And finding that your purifier doesn’t function properly is such a nightmare.

We always tend to forget that a water purifier is just a machine with a short life, and that’s a major problem.

Tell us honestly, how often do you service your water purifier?

Is one-time servicing  sufficient? 

Do you think periodic servicing is expensive?

If you don’t service your water purifier periodically, it will break down more often, charging you more than the price you spent on it. It may also require you to purchase a new unit, as repair costs are currently high. 

To avoid life-threatening tragedies and property damage, you must safeguard your home appliances against unexpected malfunctions and damage.

Are you hunting for a cost-effective way to protect your home appliances while enjoying unlimited periodic servicing? We’ve got you covered!

OneAssist’s GadgetServ Plan for home appliances like AC, microwave, washing machine, TV, water purifier, and the refrigerator is here to your rescue. 

These are necessary devices without which we would not be able to survive a day.

Can you believe there is a single plan to protect your home appliances from damage with a 30-day repair guarantee? Awesome, right?

This GadgetServ Plan is super affordable and simple to use.

Yes, the GadgetServ Plan allows you to have your water purifier, TV, and other appliances serviced without even leaving your house or spending your hard-earned money.

You would save not only time but also money, energy, and inner peace. 

And most importantly, you can escape a severe economic loss. 

So, are you eager to learn more about our GadgetServ Plan?

Then let’s roll into the details…

With OneAssist’s GadgetServ Plan, Get Your Water Purifier Serviced

We all know that our outdated appliances are subject to frequent failures, that’s why it is vital to get them repaired by professionals. 

With OneAssist’s GadgetServ Plan, you can get unlimited regular servicing for your appliances at zero labor cost. 

Isn’t it brilliant?

Our GadgetServ Plan comes in two forms: a basic plan that offers one free wet cleaning visit for AC and a premium plan that includes two free wet cleaning visits.

But wait, there’s more! 

The premium plan allows you to cover an unlimited number of appliances, but the basic plan only allows you to cover up to five.

Don’t you think this is wonderful?

You’ll also get unlimited high-quality services, repair bookings available 24*7. Easy, right?

Not only that, authentic spare parts are discounted by up to 15%. This plan is simple, efficient, and cost-effective, won’t you agree?

Have we convinced you that our GadgetServ Plan is the best option for you?

To secure your water purifier, TV, and other electronic devices, take OneAssist’s GadgetServ Plan today.

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