How Can Emergency Assistance Help You?

Do you love horror stories? Today let’s begin with a horror story!

Just imagine, you are enjoying your vacation in London. You were having a great time until your wallet and phone were stolen.

Your hotel expenses had not yet been paid, and you also had not yet confirmed your return tickets.

At this point, do you realize what you have lost? Not just a wallet but many more. Your wallet had all your identification documents, including your PAN card, driver’s license, debit, and credit cards.


Doesn’t this start to sound horrific? Aside from the jokes, this can happen to anyone.

We can all agree that losing one’s wallet while traveling is a disaster. You’d be imprisoned in a foreign city with no way of getting out. While no one wants to be in that scenario, being prepared and knowing what to expect may make life much easier and less traumatic.

Here comes the big entry of emergency assistance service. You’re probably wondering the link between losing one’s wallet and the need for emergency assistance, right? Please allow us to explain. 

OneAssist’s emergency assistance is an excellent service for any type of emergency, whether a travel emergency to pay a bill or cash assistance due to wallet robbery. OneAssist is always available to assist!

As stealing and hacking have become increasingly common, emergency assistance has become more essential. Other than excellent features, OneAssist’s wallet protection plan covers emergency travel assistance and emergency road assistance.


You must understand that you will only be entitled to emergency travel assistance if you are visiting outside of your registered address and have informed the loss of your wallet to us.

In this unfortunate event, if you have no other way of clearing your travel expenses and have yet to buy your return flights, OneAssist will assist you in paying your hotel bills and arranging for the purchase of return flights up to the amount stated in your plan. You must also pay the money back to the service provider interest-free within 28 days. 

If you lose your wallet, the wallet protection plan includes emergency cash support, with OneAssist providing an emergency cash advance. Can you believe that you can obtain up to INR 25k for financial help? Isn’t it brilliant?

OneAssist also provides emergency roadside assistance, where you can get help if you have a mechanical malfunction.

We believe it’s time you enroll for OneAssist’s wallet protection plan to avoid the horrific scenario mentioned above. Isn’t it better to be safe than sorry?

With OneAssist Use Emergency Assistance Service 

Now you don’t have to be worried about losing your wallet in a completely different country where you have no access to money. Take it easy, as OneAssist is your one-stop solution for wallet protection.

The wallet protection plan from OneAssist provides excellent features and is also reasonably priced.

The emergency travel assistance plan includes hotel bill settlement and returns ticket booking in India up to INR 40k in an emergency. Do you think it stops here? No, it doesn’t. We also have an international emergency plan that covers up to INR 80k for emergency help.


Remember the plot at the beginning where you became a victim of a wallet theft in a different country? That isn’t a made-up scenario, by the way. This has happened to a lot of people traveling, and it may happen to you as well; however, now you are prepared with assistance.
And by assistance, we mean the OneAssist’s Wallet Protection Plan! Subscribe to OneAssist today to get outstanding deals and benefits.

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