How to protect your mobile from the Monsoon beat?

The monsoon is here; and while it will give you relief from the scorching heat your mobile may require a wee bit of your attention. Ever thought of how your mobile can be affected by rain; it can literally take the wind out of your sails…

Why protect your mobile?

  • Moisture accumulation
    Monsoon causes moisture retention in the phone. This leads to rust and corrosion. Hence it is important that we protect our phone from the rains.
  • Poor signal
    It is observed that monsoon often reduces the signal strength of the phone. Lightning and thunderstorms cause interference with mobile telephony thus increasing the frequency of call drops. This can cause a problem especially when we are in an emergency.
  • Water retention
    Rains can cause the phone to get drenched and which leads to water congestion in the phone. This can lead to the phone getting completely damaged.

    So how do you protect your most loved gadget? We have some tips you can’t miss….

Tips and Tricks to protect your mobile

  • Use a waterproof case

    This is the best way to protect your phone from water damage. There are many different waterproof cases available, so you can find one that fits your phone and your style.
  • Ziplock pouch with silica gel packets

    You can use a ziplock pouch to protect your mobile from water. Silica gel packets help to reduce the moisture and keep your smartphones dry.

  • Avoid using your phone in the rain

    If you can, try to avoid using your phone in the rain altogether. If you do need to use your phone, keep it in a waterproof case and be careful not to get it wet. If your phone gets wet, turn it off immediately. This will help to prevent any water damage from occurring.
  • Do not charge your phone if it is wet

    This could short-circuit the phone and cause permanent damage. Dry it first with a clean dry cloth and ensure that no water droplets remain before you charge the phone.
  • Home remedy to save your phone from rains

    Keeping your phone in rice bucket is an oft proven home remedy for drying your phone. Rice absorbs all the moisture and completely dries off the phone.

    If your phone does get wet, do not try to turn it on right away. Wait until the phone is completely dry before you try to use it.

    If your phone still does not work after drying it off, take it to a Service Center. They may be able to fix the water damage. But do not take it to a local service center as that may render your warranty void.
  • Buy a Protection Plan

    Despite all the above measures if your mobile is damaged; you can always buy a Damage Protection Plan. These protection plans compensate for damages running almost upto 50% of the mobile cost. These plans not only cover the losses and damages caused to your mobile but also offer freebies along.

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    Till then happy monsoons!!

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